Single effect externally heated stirring vacuum evaporation system

First, the use of equipment:

Applicable to the recovery of materials such as metallurgy, chemical industry, Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar, food, dairy, etc., and industrial organic solvents (such as alcohol), suitable for low-temperature vacuum concentration and evaporation of heat-sensitive materials with small batches and many varieties.

Second, the system equipment components:

Evaporation equipment consists of evaporator (with heating interface and evaporation surface), condenser and vacuum pumping system, equipment support, operation platform and other components. The vacuum system can be used with other equipments such as water jets or vacuum pumps or vacuum all-in-one machines. Due to the different nature of various solutions, the evaporation requirements vary widely. Therefore, the single-effect heating and evaporation equipment takes many forms, according to the use of the Different, the classification is:

1. Atmospheric evaporation concentration equipment;

2, vacuum evaporation concentration equipment;

3, rising film evaporator concentrator;

4, falling film evaporator evaporation equipment;

5, thin film evaporator concentrator;

6, the central circulation tube evaporation concentration equipment;

7, coil evaporator evaporation equipment;

Third, the main technical parameters of the system are as follows:

Evaporation capacity (Kg/h water) - 150/300/500/1000/2000/3000

Heating steam pressure (MPa) - 0.05 to 0.3

Steam consumption (Kg/h) - ~1700

Water consumption (t/h) - ~30t (after cooling water can be recycled)

Fourth, single-effect heating evaporator features:

1. Concentrated liquid material: The single effect concentrator adopts the combination of external heating natural circulation and vacuum negative pressure evaporation. The evaporation speed is fast, and the concentration ratio can reach 1.3.

2, the liquid material in the fully sealed state without foam concentration, concentrated with a single-effect concentrator solution, with no pollution, strong smell characteristics, and easy to clean (open the heater cover can be cleaned). The single-effect evaporation system is simple in operation and can realize full-automatic PLC production and monitoring.

3, heaters, evaporators using stainless steel insulation, insulation layer made of stainless steel outer shell, the surface to do mirror or matt treatment.

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