Evaporation and crystallization of ammonium sulfate


Ammonium sulfate, as a commonly used soil and crop fertilizer, has stable chemical and physical properties. In the process of producing ammonium sulfate solid, it is recommended that MVR evaporator be used instead of traditional multi effect evaporator.

The main reason for using the MVR evaporator is that the MVR evaporator reclaims all two steam and uses it. The whole system has no exhaust steam. It can not only make full use of all the energy in the operation process of the MVR evaporator system, make the maximum use of the heat in the system, reduce energy waste effectively, and save energy and reduce consumption. Reduce the operating cost of MVR evaporator.

Compared to the energy saving effect of MVR evaporator, the multi effect evaporator is to achieve energy saving by increasing the efficiency, but because the working principle has not changed, only through the increase of efficiency, the fresh steam is needed without stopping in the process of the system operation. At the same time, large amount of steam is produced. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the circulation pump, which causes the system to become more complex, and the electrical energy loss will increase, and it also can not solve the problem of a large amount of steam and exhaust gas loss during the system operation.

Secondly, the MVR evaporator replaced a lot of steam with a small amount of electric power, thus reducing the operation cost of the evaporation crystallization system. In addition, because of the need for fresh steam to evaporate and crystallize, the cost of subsequent project operation is saved. On the premise of treating the same concentration of ammonium sulfate solution, assuming that 1 tons of water evaporates each time, the MVR evaporator can save 53.48% of the energy consumption cost than the four effect evaporator.

In the ammonium sulfate evaporation and crystallization project, MVR forced circulation evaporator is usually chosen. As ammonium sulfate is corrosive at high temperature, the MVR evaporator recommends the use of 316L material to avoid corrosion equipment, delay the maintenance period of MVR evaporator and prolong the service life of the system.


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